Blue Dream prices in Eugene, OR (BLD)

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-0.20 (-1.79%)
Aug. 19, 2017 - daily mean gram

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Product Information for Blue Dream

Product type: Flowers

Blue Dream is a sativa (80%), indica (20%) hybrid resulting from a cross between Super Silver Haze (SSH) and Blueberry. Although best known as an indoor strain, Blue Dream can with close attention be grown outdoors.

Blue Dream requires a low humidity environment due to its low resistance to mold and mildew. It also has a low resistance to mites and is a slow grower in its early stages with a 10+ week flower time, which can make it a difficult crop to bring to harvest for many manufacturers. When done properly, Blue Dream can produce a very high yield, and is well known as a favorite among medical patients.

Blue Dream's mid level intoxication allows patients to use it during the daytime. This strain is also known for its culinary potential. Blue Dream commands a high price from manufacturer all the way up to retailer, making it a potentially very lucrative strain.

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5 highest prices of 14 seen recently for Blue Dream in Eugene, OR

PriceProduct Vendor
$14.00 GG Blue Dream Eugene OG
$14.00 TJ's Blue Dream Eugene OG
$13.00 Blue Dream NoDak Green Prairie
$13.00 Blue Dream - Tax Included (REC) Emerald City Medicinal

5 lowest prices of 14 seen recently for Blue Dream in Eugene, OR

PriceProduct Vendor
$7.00 Blue Dream Canna Royal
$8.00 Blue Dream [CGC] Serra Eugene - Feel All The Feelings
$8.00 Blue Dream Nectar - Eugene
$9.00 Blue Dream Oregon Medigreen
$10.00 TOP: Blue Dream Cannabis LLC